2020 Honda Passport Redesign, SUV, Specs, Release Date

2020 Honda Passport Redesign, SUV, Specs, Release Date. We announced 2020 Honda Passport some time ago, but now we have new information followed with another set of spy photos. What’s obvious is that the Japanese manufacturer is working hard on its new SUV. Where exactly will this new vehicle fit in Honda lineup?

2020 Honda Passport Spy Photos

What we do know is that it will share the underpinnings with Pilot as mentioned above. It is because of that platform that new 2020 Passport sports that boxy look. Due to the size of test mules, we can claim that Passport is going to have two rows.

With all attributes we talked about above, Passport will be a competitor to the likes of Ford Edge, Chevy Blazer, and Nissan Murano. This is no surprise as the length of its wheelbase puts it in the category of these SUVs.

2020 Honda Passport Redesign

What we can tell you is our opinion on the powertrain that 2020 Honda Passport is going to have. Based on the direction in which big H is going right now, it will most likely us the same engine Pilot does. Of course, this output comes with Pilot, which means that it could be changed for a smaller Passport.

2020 Honda Passport Redesign, SUV, Specs, Release Date

Image Source: Motor1.com

Another feat which will be shared among these two SUVs is front wheel architecture and the option of the all-wheel-drive system.

The camouflage on 2020 Passport is still rather heavy, but we can tell that it looks like mini-Pilot. Both front and rear end look similar. Considering they share underpinnings we are going to find more and more similarities as the Passport starts shedding camo.

From our first look, we concluded that it is, just like everything else, a reminiscent of Pilot SUV. Display, air vents, and control knob are all the same as in Pilot. The photos of interior don’t reveal too much, we can say that it will offer the same traits as Pilot is right now.

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Honda is working on giving us its new SUV, so we need to sit tight and wait for a full reveal. The crossover market is expanding with every passing day, and Honda wants to grab another share. 2020 Honda Passport as it’s currently dubbed will most likely debut at 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Have you heard that new 2020 Honda Passport is coming?

It was midsize as sports utility vehicle that was introduced in 1993, but the production ended after only nine years, in 2002. Back then it was also manufactured by Subaru Isuzu Automotive.

At this point, everything is a speculation about new 2020 Honda Passport. Because everybody compares the Passport with the Pilot, you can read engine specifications and design of the Passport further in the text.


The very first model of Honda Passport had 2.6-liter L4 and 3.2-liter V6 engine. In the second generation, the Honda put the upgraded 3.2-liter V6 engine which delivered 205 horsepower.

There are a lot of speculations which tell that under the hood of new Passport we could find a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 280 ponies. These rumors have arisen from the fact that Passport is a small version of Pilot.


After 17 years that the Passport was off the market, it comes back will look a lot different than its original. For those who search more comfort, space and efficiency in the car, the Passport will be compact enough.

Almost two decades passed, the Honda had time to dedicate itself to upgrading the Passport. This is a very long time of absence, so everybody has big expectation for the exterior as they have for the interior of this car. Considering that the Honda claims that the safety comes first; like in its other vehicles where it follows the last trends of security, we also expect the latest upgrades in security systems in new Passport.

2020 Honda Passport Redesign, SUV, Specs, Release Date

Image Source: Motor1.com


We must repeat the speculation about the Passport engine which might get the same engine as the Pilot. The power of the 2018 Pilot engine is 3.5 L V-6 which transfers power to 2WD or AWD through a 6-speed transmission. The exterior of Pilot is designed to draw attention with sporty and refined lines.

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It features both LED front and rear light which are eye-catching because they are defined with a bold front grille. We are hoping for more of the same form 2020 Honda Passport.

As for the interior, we can see that it is very roomy with plenty of space given for your comfortable driving and also for the passengers. On the inside, we can find an 8-inch Display Audio Touch-Screen and a Rear Entertainment System. It is all just designed with style, and even second-row passengers get the first-class treatment.

As far as it concerns the cargo, there is a plenty of room for your gear. The exciting thing is that it doesn’t take any passengers space. Considering all of the above about the Pilot, we can notice that the Passport will not disappoint the expectations.


By reading various articles in search for information; we concluded the new 2020 Honda Passport would reportedly debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show this November. It might go on sale a few months after the appearance. It is expected to be in early 2020.

Even though it seems like an extended period of time, we are sure it is something worth of waiting. A new 2020 Passport should cost at least several thousand dollars less than the full-size Pilot, which currently starts at $35,900. It should go above the latest version of 2018 Honda CR-V which costs $25,125 at its base trim.